Activate Tangerine Credit Card

Tangerine Credit Card Activation

Unlike other popular credit cards, a user with Tangerine Credit Card can earn huge cash back rewards. However, if you are here, then you might have already obtained the credit card. Users who have been looking for Tangerine Credit Card Activation can find this a cozy place. It is popular in Canada, therefore, citizens have a personal preference for this minimum-APA card. The Tangerine bank is also geared towards solid financial service and likely customer service. With an activated Tangerine Credit Card, you can get monthly money-back rewards as well.

Tangerine Credit Card to suit users daily spending will optimize the 2% money-back categories. An activated cardholder can opt for any of the offered categories to earn the maximum money-back reward. With an activated Tangerine Credit Card, a cardholder during the first 6 months of every year can transfer amounts from high-interest rate credit cards but only need to pay off 1.95% on the transferred amount.

Activation steps of Tangerine Credit Card

Every authorized cardholder to avail money-back rewards needs to activate their Tangerine Credit Card. Online activation of credit card is also allowed by Tangerine Bank. If the cardholder is not an existing client of Tangerine, they first need to call at 1-888-826-4374 to set up their banking PIN so they can easily active their Tangerine Credit Card.

Step 1: After you login into your online account, at the top of the screen you can see a message asking you to active you Tangerine Credit Card

Step 2: To take care of it just click on “Activate Card.”

However, if do not find any message on the top, you can activate your credit card just by typing your name in the header to direct you to Profile & Settings. Once you get directed just scroll down to the section of credit card and then proceed to click “Activate” on the application.

If you do not want to activate your card online, then you can simply call at 1-866-700-4610 and follow the procedure automated.

Online activation of Tangerine Credit Card

Tangerine allows its user easy and flexible online Credit Card login option. Go to the tab “My Accounts” than to proceed to click the for card activation. Once you are done with providing proper and enquired information and verification of card number, just click “Done”. You are all set to enjoy activation of Tangerine Credit Card now.

If a Tangerine Credit Card gets stolen or lost?

As soon as you become aware that your card is out of your reach, immediately make a call to us at 1-888-826-437 for further assistance.

Are you facing any kind of trouble dealing with Tangerine Credit Card?

For any kind of assistance immediately give us a call at 1-866-700-4610.