Activate TESCO Credit Card

Activate TESCO Credit Card

Looking for guidelines to Activate TESCO Credit Card? Whether you desire to activate the TESCO Bank Debit Card through a phone call or online, you can find an easy walkthrough of the method that fits your comfort zone. We have also provided instruction that may help you while canceling a TESCO Credit Card.

TESCO Bank is the issuer of a broad array of credit cards that range from personal to business cards. The credit card lets you finance your expenses and operate account from the comfort of your home. Once you activate your TESCO Credit Card you will be able to make purchases and enjoy the credit services. Read below for activation guidelines.

How to Activate a TESCO Credit Card Online

Step 1– If you wish to activate the TESCO Credit Card using the online portal you need to visit the webpage of the TESCO (

How to Activate a TESCO Credit Card

Step 2– In order to activate TESCO Credit Card, you will be required to sign into the online banking. Once signed in, you will find the “Activate Card” button under that ‘Account Summary’ tab.

Step 3- Provide the last 4 digits of the card and tap on the button labeled “Submit”.

How to Activate TESCO Credit Card via Phone

For activating the TESCO Credit Card using a phone service the customer is needed to call at 0345 300 427.

Canceling a TESCO Credit Card

How do I close my TESCO Account? This is one of most commonly asked questions. If you desire to close your TESCO account you will be required to write the bank at the following address:

Tesco Bank, PO Box 27028, Glasgow, G2 9FT

You can also get in touch with the credit card department on 0345 300 4278. The cancellation department is active all 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

How to Pay TESCO Credit Card

Step 1– For making a payment the customer is needed to sign into online banking. After logging in you will be required to click on the ‘Manage Account’ button.

Step 2– Tap on “Make Payment” button and choose a payment gateway. Confirm once and you are ready to go.