ANZ Card Activation | Activate ANZ Credit Card

Activate ANZ Credit Card

Looking for guidelines on How to activate a new ANZ Credit Card? Activating the ANZ Card is fun yet easy. The banking group has developed a secure and easily accessible online platform for credit cards activation. If you have not been on the website of the ANZ, then here is how you can activate ANZ Card and find ANZ Credit Card activation phone number.

ANZ is the issuer of a broad array of banking products that range from credit cards to Visa debit cards. Despite the fact that you are a debit or credit card customer, you can use the webpage of the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group for activating a card for use. The activation can be done by phone or online. Scroll down for a walkthrough of the activation.

How to Activate ANZ Card Online

Step 1– If you have just received the ANZ Card in the mail you can activate it for making purchases online. To get started to visit the webpage of ANZ ( and click on the “Activate your Card” link, as pictured below.

ANZ Card Activation

Step 2– For activation, the user will be required to sign into the profile menu.

How to Activate ANZ Card through Phone

In order to activate an ANZ Credit Card through phone, you need to call the activation number at 1800 652 033 (or +61 3 8699 6996 from overseas) any time of the day.

Activate ANZ Debit Card Online

Step 1– If you are an ANZ Debit Card customer you can activate the card for use online. Go to the webpage of the ANZ and tap the “Activate” link.

Step 2– You will have to provide the card details, enter the OTP and confirm.

Activate ANZ Debit Card by Phone

Step 1– If you are willing to activate the ANZ Card by phone, then you need to call at 1800 063 260.

Step 2– Once the call is connected you need to fetch the requested data and confirm activation.

ANZ Credit Card Cancellation

The ANZ allows its customers to cancel or transfer their ANZ Rewards Platinum Credit Card. Therefore, if you desire to cancel the credit card you will get the introductory bonus reward points processed to your account.

For cancellation navigate to the website of the ANZ. Next one can use the support section to cancel the credit card.

How to Apply for an ANZ Credit Card

Just discovered the ANZ Credit Card? Applying is easy. Read the walkthrough of the application procedure.

Step 1– For obtaining a new ANZ Credit Card the user will be required to open the online application screen.

Step 2– Glance at the important terms appearing on the screen and click ‘Start’. Next, provide the personal and contact details in the respective spaces then hit “Next”.

Step 3– Agree to the terms and conditions and submit the application for approval.

For further details, you may feel free to get in touch with us using the comments section. Instead of searching the web like a frantic, you can visit our website for activation and credit card application steps.