Barclaycard Credit Card Activation | Activate Barclaycard Debit Card


A Barclaycard Credit Card just dropped into your mailbox! What to do next? In order to use the credit card for making purchases, you will be required to activate it. The Barclaycard Credit Card Activation can be done at the website of the credit card company or through a phone.

Amidst the complicated web scenario, it is quite difficult to find the perfect guideline to Activate Barclay Credit Card. The post below will show you the easiest way to activate your credit card. Barclay is a London based multinational investment bank and financial services company. It offers its credit services in over 40 countries.

How to Activate Barclaycard Credit Card

We have provided all the options that are available for the Barclaycard activation. After your credit card is activated you will be able to use it at multiple destinations such as shopping centers and restaurants. Furthermore, the credit card can let you enjoy a lot of perks such as rewards and discounts.

Methods to Activate Barclaycard Credit Card

  • Activate your Barclaycard Credit Card Online
  • Barclaycard credit card activation through phone

How to Activate Barclaycard Credit Card Online

Step 1– To activate your credit card you will be required to go to the activation page.

Step 2– Once you are on the activation site of the credit card company you will find the login and activation link, as shown in the image below.

Barclaycard Credit Card Activation

Step 3– All you require is sign in from your ID and register for credit management. Enter the card and personal details and confirm credit card activation.

Activate Barclaycard Credit Card through Phone

Step 1– If you find the phone activation method handy then you need to dial 00 44 24 7684 2100.

Step 2– Select your language from the automated call in order to proceed. Next, the user should enter personal and card details.

Step 3– Verify your identity by answering a few security questions and a confirmation message will be sent to the phone number linked to your credit card account.

Barclay Credit Card Generate PIN | Change Barclaycard PIN

Users often have trouble changing their PIN. You can change your Barclaycard Credit Card PIN using the web portal or the ATM service.

Change PIN Online

Step 1- Go to the credit card website and click on the ‘Credit Card’ option.

Step 2– You will receive an OTP on your register id, Enter the new twice and the bank will activate it for you.

Change PIN at ATM

Step 1– Use the ATM locator of the Barclaycard to find an ATM near you. Enter your card and enter the existing PIN.

Step 2– Then click on the “Change PIN” option displayed among the options on the screen. Confirm by entering the OTP just sent to you and set a new PIN.

For further assistance write to us via the comments section below. In case of fraud instantly get in touch with the bank.