Bendigo Bank Card Activation

Bendiigo card Activate

The Bendigo Bank Card can be activated at the website of the bank or through the phone call. If you have received the Bendigo Bank Card in your mail you can activate it for use. Bendigo Bank New Card details and activation portal can be found on the Bendigo e-Banking Website. One can Activate Bendigo Bank Card using the walkthrough below.

Before you use your card, it is required that you activate it and set a unique PIN. Once your bank card is activated you will be able to make purchases and use the card for a wide range of transactions. If you have received the Bendigo Bank Card here is all you need to know about activation.

How to Activate Bendigo Bank Card Online

Step 1– In order to get started with the activation you need to visit the website of the Bendigo Card ( Once you are on the webpage you will find the “Personal” button on the top left. Choose a credit card option and navigate to the tools page where you will find a button tagged “Activate your Card”.

bendigo bank card activation

Step 2– Enter the 16 digit card number in the white box and click on the “Enter” button.

Step 3– Next the user will be enabled to select a username and password. You need to set a 4 digit PIN if required and complete the steps as directed by the website. Once your activation is done you will find a confirmation message on the screen.

Activate through Bendigo Application

Step 1– If you are willing to use the Bendigo Application to activate your card then you need to get the app from the App Store.

Step 2– Once you open the application you will find the “Manage Card” button. Next tap on the “Activate Card” option and provide the PIN Number sent to your registered phone or email.

Now you will receive a confirmation message on the screen. You can use the Bendigo Bank Card for making transactions and more.

Activate Bendigo Bank Card via Phone

Step 1– For activating the Bendigo Card using the call service, you need to call on 1800.035.383.

Step 2– Once your call is connected you will find the IVR instructing you through the activation process. Follow the voice prompt and your card will be active.

You can try any of the above-mentioned options to activate your Bendigo Card. As soon as your Bendigo Card is activated you can use it for shopping, transfer funds and access a wide range of online money management features.