Capital One Credit Card Activation – easy activate capital one card

Capital One Venture Credit Card


Looking for Capital One Credit Card Activation steps? If ‘Yes’ then today is a lucky day for you. Once you activate the credit card you will be able to feast on the wide range of benefits that comes with the credit card. The credit card company is the issuer of a myriad of credit and other banking services.

As you are going through this article then it signifies that you are already a holder of Capital One Credit Card and looking forward to the process of its activation.

How to activate Capitalone Credit Card

If you prefer to activate your credit card over the phone you are required to perform the following steps.

For the users of CANADA-

The Canadian members can avail of the activation of their Capital One MasterCard over the phone. This is a very convenient, easy and hassle-free procedure. Any cardholder can quickly activate their card by just dialing the toll-free number 1(800)655-5646 and by doing so the user will be provided with all the necessary details. The cardholder simply needs to follow the guidelines provided. The activation will be done and for any further help, you might reach the customer service option on the menu.

For the users of UNITED STATES-

The phone activation option is also open for the customers of the US. For activation via phones, the customers just need to contact the toll-free number 1(800)678-7820. In doing so they will be provided with necessary details and also the activation process will be automated.

If you prefer to activate your credit card online then you should note that this option is only available for the customers of UNITED STATES. Therefore the customers of CANADA are requested to contact the toll-free numbers provided below and perform the needful.

Quick assistance number to activate Capital One Credit Card-

  • 1(800)655-5646(Canada)
  • 1(800)678-7820(United States)


Some recommended advice which all new credit card users should implement so that they don’t face any major problem in the future.

  • Kindly pay off your dues or balances timely every month so that there is no build up of dues.
  • It is recommended not to keep on building the balances and dues which might result in also adding up late fines, etc. Try to pay timely and not to skip a payment date.
  • Try to budget and maintain your credit card limit to a limit of 30% do not overuse it.
  • Make sure to read all the instructed agreements for holding Capital One Credit Card.

Hope for you get the most from your newly activated MasterCard. Adopt yourself with all the benefits of using credit cards. However, to minimize the likelihood of fraud, before using your card it is suggested to sign at the back of your newly activated Capital One Credit Card.