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Have you just received your Chase Card in the mail? If ‘Yes’ then it’s time for activation. The credit card company has developed a user-friendly account activation platform for its customers. Instead of making frantic searches on the web you can read on for an easy instruction of ‘How do I Activate my Chase Credit Card‘.

The post below contains outlines steps on the Chase Credit Card activation. One can find all the options available for activating the Chase Card. Read below and get your credit card all set for payments.

How to Activate Chase Credit Card online[chase com verifycard]

Activating your credit card is not all difficult. You just require access to an internet connected device and your card details.

Step 1– For activating a Chase Credit Card you will be required to open the activation page (

Activate Chase Credit Card

Step 2– Once you open the website you will find the enrollment section below. To begin you will be needed to select an account type, enter card, account or application number and social security number.

Step 3– Scroll down and create a username for your account. Follow the steps thereafter and you are done with the activation procedure. A while later you will receive a confirmation message on the screen. This means your credit card is ready for making purchases.

Activate Chase Credit Card through Phone

In order to activate the credit card using a phone call, you must call Chase Credit Card activation phone number at 1-888-489-7249.

Activate Chase Debit Card Online

Step 1– For debit card activation you will be needed to go to the website of Chase Debit Card. Enter the necessary data in the respective spaces and confirm activation.

Activate Chase Debit Card through Phone

Users possessing a debit card need to call on 1 (888) 489 7249. After connecting the call you must provide the card details and other necessary information to the customer service representative.

If the user has any trouble while activating the credit card he/she can get in touch with our support team through the comments box.