Desjardins Card Activation

Desjardins Card

Desjardins is the financial solution provider to millions of Canadians, and they offer several notable credit card facilities to their clients. Desjardins is a team of financial corporative, mainly located in Canada and they influence the corporative powers to offer competitive solutions to their members.

Amongst the service rendered by credit and corporative cards range from Low-APR Visa to student-only credit cards. Desjardins Card service will offer expense and payment management, which helps to meet the cardholders’ growth objectives. It also benefits its user to save money through various Visa Desjardins Card Activation programs.

If you have already received a Desjardins Credit Card, firstly you need to activate it for its usage. We will sketch the options to active Desjardins Credit or Corporate Cards below.

Steps to active Desjardins Credit Card

Step 1: Call at ATIRACredit SM activation number at 1-800-563-4401 and do as per instructed. Or you can directly contact the customer care service of Desjardins Bank for further details.

Step 2: Sing in your new Credit Card.

Now you can use you, Desjardins Credit Card, as soon as it gets activated.

Can a user activate Desjardins Credit Card online?

Desjardins does not allow its users to active the card online. However, if a user wants to activate the Desjardins Credit Card needs to call at the toll-free number, which is 1-800-563-4401 to complete the Credit card activation over the phone. Desjardins Credit Card phone activation system is quite friendly and fast, so you do not need to wait for long.

Instant and easy Instruction for Desjardins Credit Card activation:

Desjardins Credit Cardholder need to call at 1-800-563-4401 it is a toll-free number, to quickly activate their new credit card through the automated process. For the purpose of verification, users are advised to call from the same number mentioned in the cardholders’ account. You should stay active with your card during the time of activation as to complete easy activation you are required to provide correct details.

Request for an additional Desjardins Credit Card:

If you are Desjardins Bank MasterCard holder, then you can create a request for an extra card for your family members or partner at no additional costs. One can also increase the credit limit of the card if only the user is MasterCard holder.

Tips for new Desjardins Credit Card Users:

  • Make sure that you ready every mentioned detail in the agreement of cardholding
  • To lower the possibility of identity theft, do not forget to sign in the back before start using it