First Premier Credit Card Activation

First Premier Credit Card Activate

First Premier Bank offers online credit card activation as well as activation through a phone. If you have just received the credit card in the mail, you can get it ready for purchases by some simple steps. The credit card activation just requires your personal details and card information. Customers who are still in a state of indecision regarding the credit card activation can find the complete walkthrough of the First Premier Credit Card Activation below.

The First Premier Credit Card is a perfect credit card for everyday usage. Once you activate the credit card you will be able to make payments anytime and anywhere and enjoy shopping.

How to Activate First Premier Credit Card Online

Step 1– Customers who are willing to activate their credit card online will be required to open the profile registration page ( of the First Premier Bank.

How to Activate First Premier Credit Card

Step 2– Next the user must type in the account number and social security number to sign up. Hit ‘Continue’ and enter the information required for activation.

Users who have trouble activating their First Premier Credit Card can try out the activation by phone method. Read on for more information on the First Premier Credit Card Activation procedure.

Activate First Premier Credit Card through Phone

Step 1– If you are willing to activate a First Premier Credit Card by phone, then you will be required to call on 1-800-987-5521.

Step 2– Once your call is connected you will find a language selector. Choose a language and you will be provided the instructions to verify an account.

Step 3– Confirm the activation and you will receive an SMS containing that text that your card has been successfully activated.

Activate First Premier Credit Card at ATM’s

Step 1– If you are using an ATM service, then you need to visit your nearest ATM and insert your card.

Step 2– Now the user will be required to choose a preferred language and provide the card details.

Step 3– Tap on the “Card Activation” option that is displayed on the screen. Finally, confirm using the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.