FNB Credit Card Activation

FNB Credit Card Activate

Looking for FNB Credit Card Activation guidelines? The credit card company has made it easier for the customers to activate their credit card. If you are enrolled in online banking you can easily activate your credit card from the comfort of your home or even on the go. For activation, the user is just required to enter their credit card details and personal information for verification.

First National Bank offers a broad array of credit cards that are handy in day to day cash management as well as business uses. Customers who have received the FNB Credit Card in the mail can activate it for making purchases by just following some easy steps. Read below to find a walkthrough of the FNB Card Activation.

How to Activate FNB Card Online

Step 1– If the user is willing to activate his/her FNB Card online, then he/she will be required to navigate to the website of the FNB (firstnational.com).

How to Activate FNB Card

Step 2– Once you are on the webpage of the credit card company you will find the ‘My Accounts” section. Click on it then go to “My Card”.

Step 3– Now you need to select the card you need to activate by tapping the “Activate Now” button.

Step 4– The bank will send a One Time Password to your phone or email link to your account. After the activation is completed you will receive a confirmation message.

Unable to activate your FNB Credit Card Online? No need to worry, you can find support here. Get in touch with us using the comments section.

Activate FNB Credit Card through Phone

Step 1– For activating through phone you need to call at 1-800-688-7070.

Step 2– Once the call is connected you will be asked to select a preferred language and follow the instructions provided by the automated call service.

Step 3– Provide the requested personal data and credit card information. You will soon receive a confirmation message.

Activate FNB Credit Card using an ATM

Step 1– If you wish to use an ATM to activate your FNB Credit Card then you need to visit an FNB ATM nearby.

Step 2– Swipe the card, then select the “Card Activation” option that is displayed on the screen.

Step 3– Fetch the required information and you will receive a confirmation message from the bank.

How to Activate FNB Debit Card

In order to activate a FNB Debit Card you can use an ATM, the online portal of the bank or the automated call service.

Activate FNB Debit Card Online

You need to open the activation page of the FNB and sign in to access the “Profile” section. Go to the “My Bank Accounts” tab and click “Activate Now”.

Enter the OTP sent by the bank and your debit card will be active.

Activate FNB Debit Card through Phone

For activation via phone you must call at 1-800-688-7070.

Activate FNB Debit Card using ATM

Step 1– To get started step into a FNB ATM. Insert your card, enter the PIN and click on the “Card Activation” option that appears on the screen.

Step 2– Fetch in the required data and confirm.