Key Bank Card Activation – easy activate Key Bank card

Key Bank Card Activation

Searching for the Key Bank Credit Card Activation procedure? If ‘Yes’ then you have come to the one-stop destination. Here one can find the Key Bank Activation Number, activate a Key Bank Debit Card and the KeyBank Unemployment Card activation guidelines here. If you are enrolled in online banking, you will be able to easily activate your card from the comfort of your home or even on the go. For Activating Key Bank Credit Card online, you just need access to your user id, password and card details.

The credit card company lets the customers securely activate their credit card as well as gift cards in a snap. Key Bank is the issuer of a broad array of credit cards that range from personal cards to rewards cards. The activation can be done by phone or by using the online portal of the Key Bank. Read on for a walkthrough of the Key Bank Card Activation.

How to Activate Key Bank Card Online

Step 1– If you have just received the Key Bank Credit Card and wish to activate it online, then you need to open the website of the bank (

How to Activate Key Bank Card

Step 2– In order to get started with the activation, you will be asked to log into your online banking account. Once signed in the user will find the “More” tab on the top right of the account management console. Click on it and select the “Activate” option.

Step 3– Next the bank will ask you to verify your identity and confirm by entering the one time password sent to you.

Step 4– Follow the prompts to go ahead with the procedure and finally you will find a “Success” message on the screen.

Key Bank Debit Card Activation Phone Number

Key Bank has developed an automated call service that enables the users to get their cards activated just through a phone call.

Step 1– For Key Bank Card activation through call center the user is needed to call on 1-800-KEY2YOU 539-2968.

Step 2– Once the call is connected the IVR will direct you through the activation procedure. Respond to the automated call service and you will be asked to share the access code followed by the # symbol.

Step 3– After completing the activation steps you will receive a confirmation through SMS.

You can try out any of the activation options that suits you. Once your credit card is activated you will be able to use it for making transactions, money transfers and more.