Vanilla Gift Card Activation

Vanilla Gift card Activation

Just received the Vanilla Gift Card? You can find Vanilla Gift Card Activation Steps on this webpage. The Vanilla Gift Card makes the perfect gift for all events. You can gift it to your colleague or best friends. Vanilla Visa Gift Cards are issued by the Bancorp Bank and Meta Bank.

Vanilla MasterCard Activation, Vanilla Prepaid Card Activation, and the Vanilla Debit Card Activation steps can be found here. To get the gift cards working you need to activate it. The debit cards from My Vanilla makes money management simple. The company has made activation easy. Once you have the card in your mail you can activate it in a snap. Scroll down for a walkthrough of the Vanilla Gift Card Activation.

How to Activate Vanilla Visa Gift Card

Step 1– For activating your Vanilla Gift Card Online you will need to go to the website ( of the Vanilla Card. Below the ‘login’ section there will be a button tagged ‘Set Up Your Card’.

How to Activate Vanilla Gift Card

Step 2– Now the user will be required to sign into his/her existing Vanilla account. Once logged in there will be the activation section. Enter the card details and confirm activation.

Vanilla Visa Gift Card Activation through Phone

Step 1- Willing to activate your Vanilla Card through Phone? For activation, through the call center, the customer must call at 1-800-571-1376.

Activate Vanilla MasterCard | Get Vanilla Gift Card Working

The Vanilla MasterCard offers the customers the complete control over their cash. Once you have activated the card you will be able to make payments and other transactions with more ease and comfort. Read below for the steps to activation of the Vanilla MasterCard.

Vanilla MasterCard Activation via Phone

Step 1– If you are willing to activate the MasterCard using automated call service you need to call at 1-800-680-5941.

Step 2– After the call is connected the customer will be needed to enter the card data and personal details for verification.

Activate the Vanilla MasterCard Online

Step 1– Firstly, the customer needs to sit in front of an internet connected device and open the website of the Vanilla Visa Reward.

Step 2– Enter the following data to proceed with the MasterCard activation:

  • Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • CVV
  • 4 Digit Activation Code

On completing the steps provided above your card will be ready to use. You can now enjoy the functionality of the Vanilla Gift Card as well as the MasterCard whichever applied to you. Get in touch with us through the comments section for other updates and queries.